Andy Black site thumbnailAndy Black, Painter - His images each begin with a compass & straightedge construction of the Golden Section. In time, the strict geometry gives way to a more disordered place. Designed by Sandra Murray Design.

Angeline's  site thumbnailAngeline's Lousiana Kitchen - Angeline's brings the flavor and atmosphere of a New Orleans neighborhood restaurant to downtown Berkeley, with great music and cocktails, and classic dishes invented in the city's greatest kitchens.

Amy Ray Design  site thumbnailAmy Ray Design - Amy Ray (Design) offers a rare combination of technical skill and efficiency, timely delivery to deadline, as well as elegant, diverse, and imaginative graphic design. Site designed by Amy Ray.

Audubon Canyon Ranch site thumbnailAudubon Canyon Ranch - For nearly 50 years, Audubon Canyon Ranch has preserved wildlands and open spaces in Marin and Sonoma Counties—over 2,000 acres so far. But it’s about more than preservation. It’s about conveying a love of nature and fostering an understanding and appreciation for the native plants and animals that call these special places home. This recently redesigned site is built in Drupal, and accomodates many different levels of user, from visitors, to volunteers, to staff and board members. Site design by Studio B.

Annies Hot Dogs thumbnailAnnies Hot Dogs With several locations across the city, Annie's is San Francisco’s premier operator of hot dogs carts.

Barbara Petty, CPA site thumbnailBarbara Petty, Certified Public Accountant - Barbara has been a CPA for twenty plus years and specializes in tax matters, as well as estate and trust administration. Her clients include individuals, small businesses, fiduciaries and estate attorneys, among others.

CDL College site thumbnailCDL College CDL College provides in depth training and testing for all your commercial driving needs. Wether you're looking to improve your corporate safety standards or want to learn to drive a big rig, CDL College has you covered.

Chowders site thumbnailChowders at Pier 39 - Featuring homemade chowder served in a sourdough bread bowl and freshly breaded fish and chips.

Clem McCarthy site thumbnailClem McCarthy - Painter - Whether his painting is of a landscape, or of a person, or of a combination of the two, he likes to think it tells a story. What that story is—it's up to the viewer's imagination. Site designed by Amy Ray.

 site thumbnailCooking with Julie - Gourmet cooking classes and farmer's market trips with Julie Logue Riordan, in the Napa Valley. Designed by Sandra Murray Design. This site is built in Drupal.

 site thumbnailDe Jong Construction is a San Francisco Bay Area Construction company specializing in new home construction and major home renovations. Site designed by Amy Ray.

 site thumbnailThe Earth Observatory of Singapore - conducts fundamental research on earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and climate change in and around Southeast Asia, towards safer and more sustainable societies. Designed by Amy Ray. This site is built in Drupal.

 site thumbnailDiscover Endive - is the site for the only producer of Belgian-style ENDIVE in the U.S., and the largest producer of red endive in the world. Designed by Sandra Murray Design. This site is built in Drupal.

 site thumbnailFitness Defined by Deirdra Rogers - What's your fitness goal? Deirdra can help you achieve it! Site design by Tim Barrett.

 site thumbnailJackie Ryan Music - the official site for internationally acclaimed jazz singer, Jackie Ryan.

 site thumbnailJill Culver - Soul Portraits - If your soul could speak, what would it say? Soul Portraits are a unique form of intuitive portraiture.

 site thumbnailLaura Werlin - The New American Cheese - The new American cheese encompasses far more than just something we eat. It is a window into a lifestyle and a living by the cheesemakers, to the good life for those of us lucky enough to enjoy their cheeses, and to something more than either of these. Laura Werlin is positively passionate about cheese. Underscoring her passion are the books she has written on the subject. Designed by Sandra Murray Design.

 site thumbnailLifeCourse Strategies - Dr. Monique Parrish established LifeCourse Strategies in 2003 to increase the quality of life and independence of older adults through innovation in aging and long-term care management practices.

 site thumbnailMary Roach - Author of Stiff, Spook, Bonk, and Packing for Mars. Site design by Ed Rachles.

 site thumbnailMetta Institute - founded by Frank Ostaseski, the institute is a catalyst for individual and cultural change. Inspired by Buddhist tradition, they offer educational programs integrating the spiritual dimensions of living, dying and transformation. Website designed by Tim Barrett.

 site thumbnailThe San Anselmo Inn - This European-style Bed & Breakfast with Banquet Room and Conference Center is located in beautiful Marin County in the charming town of San Anselmo. Recently converted to drupal.

 site thumbnailSpotted Dog Graphics - a small firm located in San Francisco serving clients obsessed with food, wine and civilized living.

Tinkering site thumbnailThe Tinkering Studio at the Exploratorium - The Tinkering Studio is an immersive, active, creative place at the Exploratorium where museum visitors can slow down, become deeply engaged in an investigation of scientific phenomena, and make something that fully represents their ideas and aesthetic. Site in Drupal.

 site thumbnailThe Village Bistro and Wine Bar - Located in Santana Row, emphasizing freshness, quality of ingredients and classic cooking techniques, their chef creates ever changing seasonal menus. Site designed by Spotted Dog Graphics. This site is built in Drupal .

 site thumbnailZOIC Mountain Bike clothing for everybody. Built in Drupal, using Übercart for the shopping cart.

Aikido of Marin
Andy Black, Painter
Tinkering Studio